About the status of the manga Chapter 3

It is not abandoned, cancelled or anything, just for the time being "paused." It is true that right now at this very moment, even though I want to continue working on Chapter 3, I can't. Not physically, but mentally. It's like I'm going through a huge mental block that makes me back away every time I try to open up Photoshop or grab the sheets to sketch Chapter 4.

I will be back, I really want to tell this story, but the right way, I can't force myself. Good art needs its right time.

I wish I had an audience, that this post wouldn't be posted into a vacuum. But I still appreciate the dozens daily readers of chapter 2 and 1. And those 14 ratings on Amazon.

I don't know yet when I will be back. But I will first finish Chapter 3, and take a longer time for Chapter 4. I need to go back to Chapter 2 and fix many things. It was crazy of me to think I would be able to publish quality chapters every 2 weeks. Life, literally, hit me with a hammer. During production of Chapter 2, my Wife was hospitalized for 5 days, and we were on financial hell up until the end of July.

Something happened to me when I saw her on that Hospital bed suffering from pain. I understood that there is nothing more important than her wellbeing. I would never put something above her again, or at least that's how I feel this couple of months. Before she was admitted, she commented to me many times how I neglect her, pay no attention, even said one time "you don't care about your wife."

It's not true that I didn't care about her before, but surely, I was sleeping 2 to 3 hours everyday trying to make the manga while also working on the streets. Obviously I had to make cut and, unfortunately, was the attention and dedication I used to give her before I started this project.

We've been discussing how my return to making the manga would be. So, that's one part of the equation besides my current mental block.

Her term for my return is one where I don't neglect any important aspect of my life. And it's so tricky cause there is not way to make this manga with this level of details without been really dedicated and focus. But I will find a way.

I will see if I can publish Chapter 3 before this year is over. I will keep you posted!

Leen iO

19 August 2022