[Chapter Dub] Nizu #1: The One-Eyed Girl - Preview


Chapter Dub
Nizu #1: The One-Eyed Girl

I had this wonderful idea of making this kind of promotional video. My main goal was to list it on the Amazon Page. Right now is under review and it can take up to 2 business days (which for me, since it's Friday, will be 4 days).

Well, I hope people from the Amazon page actually watch the video, I hope it helps enter the world of Nizu.

I also added cool images, all in the name of getting new readers. I will continue doing my best to improve my marketing skills.

I also made different thumbnails:

Do you want Chapter Dub Preview for more chapters?

That's the idea, but first, I want to see if the first one get son traction.

See you later!

PD: There's a surprise almost at the end of the video.... 5 ;)