Now available! Nizu #3: Friends


Nizu Chapter 3: Friends

The Chapter is officially out on Google Play, Amazon, and Apple Books.

Go to the Chapter list to the get links! (La lista de capítulos en español).

Thank you all for waiting. I know Nizu today is still pretty much irrelevant. But still, 64 reviews with 4.7 for the first chapter on Google Play Spanish, is really heart warming. Thank you very much. I really hope I find a way to get to the English Speaking audience, cause I know I can get more monetary support from you guys. I really don't care about the money on a personal level, but my life right now is not good, it is really stressing, and that makes it so hard to work on Nizu. I wish one day something special happens to me (like so many authors out there) and I could make $1000 a month. That would be life changing. That amount is crazy dream. Currently I make $50 a month, and that is so helpful to pay at least one bill.

This is my little space to leave what I truly think :). Anyway, I'm so happy Nizu 3 is out!! I hope everyone enjoys it.