Happy Holidays from Nizu

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Even though I spent it working on some projects, I made sure to take the time to create a few gifts.

First, and sorry if this is only in Spanish, I wanted to present to you the first look at Chapter 4, "Wake up, Seed". This video has 5 panels from page 1, I hope you enjoy it:

I hope you enjoyed it. Don't worry, the full Chapter preview will be released soon. When I say soon, I really hope so. Unfortunately, I can't control my life, but I will try my best. Chapter 4 is amazing, you'll see.

Here are some pictures I took of the girls yesterday at the dinner party. Nizu wore a beautiful red dress that really suits her! Patty, our mischievous girl, wore a cute blue one. Erin wore a yellow and black dress; she is so cute! Patty tied her chaotic hair in a hilarious way. Enjoy!

I also made a short with them:

Thank you so much for supporting Nizu in 2022, I really appreciate it! A handful of people bought chapter 3, I can't thank you enough. See you on 2023 with Chapter 4 and so on, I really will continue to try my best.
See you when I come back with the Chapter 4 full preview. BYE!