Nizu Chapter 4 "Wake Up, Seed" Now Available!

 Nizu #4: Wake Up, Seed, is now available in the 3 main platforms in English: Google Play, Amazon, and Apple Books. Check the Chapters List for links.

Nizu Chapter 4 cover

Thank you to everyone who waited these 4 months. The production of Chapter 4 was way less chaotic than Chapter 3, but no easy at all! Funny enough, while I was getting close to the end of production, life was getting harder and harder. A day before I drew the final stuff, I worked from 5:20 AM to almost 8 PM, it was crazy, I thought I was going to pass out at any second.

I hope this chapter is well received. This is the highest quality one for sure. One thing to keep in mind, the stores limit the hell out of the manga, I have to make the pages way to small so the Mb are also low, decreasing significant the sharpness of the manga. Someday, there is going to be a platform where I can upload the 8K quality. YES, Nizu manga resolution is 8K, it's such a beauty seeing the original, so high quality, like the character pops out of the panels.

I had some issues with the publication of this chapter, but it's all resolved now. 

Hope you guys enjoy it! Chapter 5 is already in production!!

Much love,

Leen iO