New Nizu manga Style!

 Hey there, it's Leen iO with some amazing news!

Nizu has a new Style! We called it “Nizu Style 2”. In this new style there are 3 key features.

Deeper black levels

The darker tone enhances the visual impact of each panel.

Higher resolution

The higher resolution makes the text clearer and the panels look even better. This is great for Nizu because there are a lot of small panels on each page.


Farewell to total black and white! Now, every page features what we call a "tint of color." This is not full color, but rather a tone that will complement the series and make colors such as purple, red, and blue—the key colors of our main character—stand out.

Chapter 5 “Right Eye” has been updated with “Nizu Style 2”. Please enjoy it. If you already bought the original, read this video description to know if you’ll get the new one.

Chapter 6 “Pain” will be published with the new style! All other chapters will soon be updated as well.

Thanks for supporting Nizu! See you later!

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