Nizu Chapter 7 - Delays


Chapter 6 was published back in September (5 months ago). I'm sorry for the long delay for Chapter 7. I'm translating all the chapters to many languages, and also remaking Chapter 1 & 2. But I'm also extremely busy with life. Right now I'm working 3 jobs just to stay afloat. I'm working on the manga, but very slowly.

I'm almost done translating, then it'll be the remakes. After that I will focus on Chapter 7, which I presume I will be publishing between May and August 2024. After 7, I will make my best to publish chapters quickly, obviously without sacrificing quality.

My life will be more organize in the future. So even if Nizu doesn't start making enough money, I will be in a better position economically to quit one of my 3 jobs and use that time to continue Nizu.

On Chapter 7

I will stop making those crazy small panels you saw on Chapter 6. I will keep pages up to 10 panels, and will use more pages. ALSO my biggest regret with Chapter 6 was cutting content to fit everything to a certain amount of pages. The page limit is not longer in place.

Chapter 1 & 2 remakes are such an improvement. I'm expecting them increase overall sales up to 20%. Hopefully it'll work out.

Sorry if this post quality is low. I'm typing this quicky from work.

Leen iO